LenaLoo:Looking at ADD Life Through a Creative Lens

Things I <3

An ADD trait (more like trademark) is being Jack of All, Master of None. This describes me to a T! These are some things I am interested in (and by that I mean I have actually invested time and money into learning about most of this stuff and likely have a load of materials for it that have not been used yet because I got distracted learning about something else), a resume of sorts (also a good guide to what kind of content you will find here) with a handy key to show you how much I know on each subject.

Where I learned it all
At the moment I am an OTGM (On The Go Mom, we hardly ever sit around at home) and I love to do lots of crafts. I learn by doing (and by stalking the interwebs).
I have a wonderfully nerdy husband who has (with the help of our nerdy friends) taught me the ways of the nerd (he says I was one long before I met him, but I have yet to embrace that).
My dad has an inventing spirit and is a great handyman and mechanic so I have gleaned much knowledge from him (much of it is more knowledge in theory than in practice).
My brothers are amazing outdoors men and I look forward to family camping trips with them, they both worked at the Christian Camp that my hubby and I met at as teenagers.
I have a sister-in-law who is pretty much my female soul mate! We both have ADD and relatively young moms. She has two kiddos and has done it all before me. She is a youth pastor at the church I grew up in and she has the most incredible passion for teaching teens about Christ!
My mama is a Kindergarten teacher and a learning committee member. She inspires me everyday to be a Godly woman and a lifelong learner.
In my past life (ie: pre-marriage, pre-baby life) I was a studentof psychology, sociology, education, and music (and it's use in those disciplines). I intend to finish my degree (after I gain some focus on what degree it is I actually want) and begin my career in a field that helps people with Learning Disabilities (I prefer to call them Extra Special Abilities because they make us think differently and see a different perspective on the world that others) make the most of life!

Writing out this list has helped me realize that even though I am a Jack of All, Master of None, I like being that way!
I know a lot!

The Key:

K: Know (have general knowledge on the subject)
P: Pro (as I can be about something-which is not all that pro)
NLM: Need to Learn More (true of eveything but especially these)
WTL: Want to Learn (interesting, but know next to nothing)
STL: Stalk to Learn (haven't tried yet but doing my homework)
LI: Lovely Idea (but probably not gonna happen)

The List

Psychology and Development (NLM)
    Depression (K)
    Anxiety (K)
    OCD (NLM)
            Hording (K)
    Learning Disorders (NLM)
        Attention Deficit Disorder (K)
        Dyslexia (NLM)
    Developmental Disorders (NLM)
        Autism (K, NLM)
        Aspbergers (K, NLM)
    K-12 Education (NLM)
    Music and it's therapeutic abilities (NLM)
Leadership (NLM)  
    Church Planting (NLM)
    Leading by Example (NLM)
    Being Transparent/Open and Real (NLM)
    Event Planning (P)
    Small Groups (NLM)
Nerdy (K, NLM)
    HTML (NLM)
    Android (K, NLM)
    Blogger (K, NLM)
    Weebly (NLM)
    MS Office (K, NLM)
    Photoshop Elements (NLM)
    PhotoBucket (P)
    Hardware (NLM)
    TweetDeck (K, NLM)
    PC Gaming (K, NLM)
        WoW (K, NLM)
        Sims 3 (K, NLM)
    Console Gaming (K, NLM)
        XBox360 (NLM)
        Wii (K, NLM)
    Handheld Gaming/Entertainment (P)     
         Nintendo DS (K, NLM)
         iPod Touch (P)
        Droid (P)
    Cell Phones (P)
        T-Mobile (P, NLM)
        Verizon (K, NLM)
        iPhone (NLM)
        Droid (P, NLM)
Homemaking (NLM)
    Cooking (NLM)
        Baking (K, NLM)
        Crockpot (K, NLM)
        Bento (K, NLM)
        Mexican Food (K, NLM)
        Asian Food (K, NLM)
        American Food (K, NLM)
        Italian Food (K, NLM)
        French Food (WTL)
        English/Irish/Scottish Foods (WTL)
        Ethiopian Food (WTL)
        Indian Food (WTL)
        Seafood (NLM)
        Sushi (K, NLM)
        Candy Making (STL)
        Food Gifts (NLM)
        Ice Cream (NLM)
        Cocktails (K, NLM)
        Fairtrade Espresso Beverages (K, NLM)
        Fairtrade Coffee and Tea (K, NLM)
        Fairtrade Chocolate (K, NLM)
    Decorating (NLM)
        Organizing (NLM)
        Everyday (NLM)
        Christmas (P)
    Shopping (P)
        Fair Trade (K, NLM)
        Retail Therapy (P)
        Bargain Hunting (P)
        Couponing (P)
        Etsying (NLM)
        Ebaying (NLM)
        Thrifting (NLM)
    Marriage (NLM)
        Sticking it Out (K, NLM)
        Being a Proverbs 31 Woman (NLM)
        Encouraging My Husband (NLM)
        Equal Parenting (NLM)
    Parenting (NLM)
        Infant (K, NLM)
            BabyWearing (NLM)
            Baby Food (K, NLM)
            Weaning (K, NLM)
            Cloth Diapering (STL, WTL)
        Toddler (NLM)
            Baby Sign (NLM)
            BabyProofing (NLM)
            Sneaky Food (NLM)
        Young Child (NLM)
        School Ager (NLM)
        Pre Teen (K, NLM)
        Teenager (LI, jk jk, NLM)
        Young Adult (NLM)
        Adult Child (NLM)
    Crafts (NLM)
        Yarn (NLM
            Knitting (NLM soon)
            Crocheting (NLM soon)
            Felting (WTL, STL)
            Spinning (LI, STL)
            Play Food (K, NLM)
            Costumes (K, NLM, )
            Baby Stuff (K, NLM)
            Clothes (WTL, STL)
            Blankets (K, NLM)
         Jewelry (NLM)
            Wire Wrapping (K, NLM)
            Knotting (K, NLM)
            Crocheting (K, NLM)
            Making Findings (WTL, STL)
            Chain Link (K, STL, WTL)
        Paper (NLM)
            Stamping (K, NLM)
            Scrapping (K, NLM)
            DigiScrap (NLM)
            3D (NLM)
        Handmade Gifts
            Soap (K, NLM)
            Candles (NLM)
            Crayons (NLM)
        Upcycling (NLM)
        Woodworking (WTL, STL)
    Fixing Stuff (NLM)
        Cars (NLM)
        Plumbing (NLM)
        Jerryrigging (K, NLM)
    Outdoor Stuff (NLM)
        Camping (NLM)
        Backpacking (STL, LI)
        Climbing (K, LI)
        Soccer (NLM)
        Swimming (K, NLM)
        Quad Riding (K, NLM)
        Trail Running (LI)
        Cycling (NLM)
        Canoeing/Kayaking (LI)
        JetSkiing (K, NLM)
        Boating (NLM)
        Fishing (K, NLM)
        Gathering (STL, NLM)
        Hunting (LI, STL)
        Dogs (K, NLM)
        Cats (P)
        Small Animals (K, NLM)
        Gardening (WTL)
        Snow Play (K, NLM)