LenaLoo:Looking at ADD Life Through a Creative Lens

What is an ESA?

Glad you asked!
I like to refer to my LD's (Learning Disabilities) and other Health Issues as Extra Special Abilities. Sometimes they can be disabling, but if managed well, they make life fun and interesting.
I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I was diagnosed at 19 but dealt with it all my life.
My hubby has it too, as well as auditory dyslexia (I suspect I have some of that going on but it is not diagnosed).
I also suffer from Depression, usually it is because I am not managing my ADD well.
Anxiety is a new visitor (since my pregnancy) and I have had two or three major anxiety attacks in the last two years, one of which landed me in the ER. I am doing my best to keep this one at bay by recognizing
Migraines and Pressure Headaches plague me almost daily and
I suspect they are brought on by a myriad offood sensitivities and environmental allergies that I have not pinned down yet (come on, who really wants to have your skin pricked a million times to see what gives you a reaction anyway?)
By now you are probably thinking that I am a hypochondriac (and I might be ha ha) but I try to seek out the least invasive treatment and sometimes I don't comply with treatment that I think is over the top (oops, did I just admit that? Don't be mad at me doctors out there)...
My ESA's make me unique and creative, but they sometimes make it hard for me to function at the speed of normalcy (I am either under focused or hyper focused and so easily distracted).
This is my journey to finding balance in my life.