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Hubs and I are moving into our first house! We are still renting, but we expect to be in this place for awhile. We are allowed to paint as long as we paint it all back to the FROST WHITE (read: sterile hospital white) that it is now. Needless to say, this ADDer decided to paint every nook and cranny of this 1000 sq ft house (have I mentioned I haven't ever painted a whole room from start to finish?) in bold bright colors (pretty much every color in the rainbow, wish I was kidding - BEHR Cinnabark Brown, Morocco Red, Vintage Orange, Pale Honey Yellow, Eco Green, Cayman Bay Blue, Indulgent Purple, and Purple Mauve). Oh yeah, did I also forget to mention that hubs is suffering from the worst case of vertigo he has dealt with in the last three or four years? Yeah, I am taking point on this project. I sent out a text that said something along the lines of : "Desperately need help painting, have lots of beer, soda, and food. Come when you can, I'll be here all week." So far, we just have 3 walls of the 32 that need to be painted, primed (only 6 need primer). These are things I am learning as I go along.This is totally painting for dummies, if you have painted before, feel free to add more advice in the comments if I missed anything!
  • When choosing colors, get a sample and paint a test square in a discreet spot and let it dry FULLY before buying a whole gallon of the color
  • Measure all the walls height and width and group them by color and have a friend who is good with numbers (unless you are, which I so am not) tell you how many square feet of each color you will need so you don't buy too much or too little paint
  • Make sure you get enough rollers (big and small), brushes (for trim, edges, and corners), and pans for every person helping you paint (BTW, don't do it by yourself, offer to pay friends in beverages of choice and pizza or sandwiches). Also make sure you get a lot of painters tape (no you can't just use scotch/duct, or packing tape that you have laying around), brush cleaner, a bucket to pour brush cleaner into (preferably metal), small paint cups for brush work, lots of paper towels or rags, and plastic wrap. Take a multi screwdriver too in case you have to take down blinds and a step ladder.
  • Move and cover furniture (if there is any in the house)
  • Wash down walls with TSP (unless you have the good fortune of moving into a house that has just been painted white through and through).
  • Tape over all molding, baseboards, along ceiling, window sills, around doors, around any light switches or electrical outlets (Do not skip this, seriously)
  • Lay down tarp and tape to base board or floor (if paint drips on tarp wipe it up so you don't track it around the rest of the no tarped room, or house).
  • Take it ONE color at a time! And let it dry for over an hour before doing second coats!
  • Prime every wall you need to prime (again, most walls need to be primed unless you are painting over a neutral or white with a darker color, if you are painting a dark rich color like red, brown or black, go with a gray primer). Primer is usually a little cheaper than paint, so get good coverage out of it, if you feel like you can see patches, go over it again with a second coat once first coat has dried at least an hour. Let primer dry overnight before painting color onto it.
  • When putting paint on a roller it is helpful to roll it off in a second pan that does not have extra paint in the bottom so you don't slap so much paint on the wall that it runs
  • Paint with roller in up and down strokes, making sure to roll over excess paint so you don't leave drip marks.
  • Go over edges, corners, and around outlets with brush and then blend with small roller to make sure paint is applied evenly.
  • Clean brushes and rollers off immediately when you are done painting a color (rollers need to be dried thoroughly) or when you are done for the day. If you are just taking a lunch break, wrap rollers in plastic wrap and cover pans as well so they will still be wet when you are ready to paint again

Should all the above not result in at least one painted room at the end of two days, turn off the TV, computer, and iPod, lock them all in the trunk of your car and mail the keys to a friend at least one zip code away.
Should that not achieve desired results, place paints and painting materials in one corner of room, cover with tarp, get car back from friend, get a temporary second job for two months, save money, and hire a painter.


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