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On July 12th I had the opportunity to attend a social media gathering at the Urban Hive in Midtown Sacramento (where my church meets on Sundays actually) hosted by the Social Media Club of Sacramento @SMCSac #SMCSac. My work (Goore's for Babies to Teens @Goores) donated a door prize, so I went representing my store, as I am part of the blogging and web team. There were five bloggers on a panel mediated by @meghanhoney of Honey Agency.

The bloggers were:
  • Cari Stokes @betweenthelimes who writes a blog called "Read Between The Limes" that focuses on gardening and spending time outside with your family.
  • Sarah Cook @sarahlcook author of "Raising CEO Kids," a book about supporting your child's entrepreneurial spirit, she also maintains a blog on her book's web site.
  • Christine Young @youngmommy maintains a PR friendly blog called "From Dates to Diapers," she's a Walmart Mom and a Nielsen Power Mom, her reviews are generally editorial and display how the products she reviews "makes family life fun."
  • Nikki Medoro  @MamasMic @NikkiMedoroKFBK is a radio news reporter on 1530 KFBK in Sacramento. She also writes a blog called "Mama on the Mic" about "the ups and downs of being a working mama, loving wife and storyteller of life's triumphs and tragedies".
  • Mellisa Arca @Melissa_DrMom is a Pediatrician and Mom who writes a blog called "Confessions of a Doctor Mom" about "motherhood, parenting, and children's health. Candid parenting moments included."
Some highlights of the nights panel discussion (as tweeted and retweeted by myself and other attendees):
I had an amazing time! I learned a lot and made some great connections. I even won a door prize of tickets to the Rivercats game and a couple of bobbleheads that made great gifts to some friends of mine who share a birthday and love local baseball. The refreshments donated by Selland's and Chick-fil-a Arden Fair were delicious too. Thanks for hosting SMCSac! I will be back for more!
7/24/2011 23:04:59

Lena, thanks for this solid recap of the event. While not being a parent myself, I appreciate how important it is for those with children to 'learn to parent in an online world.' Having seen sad outcomes of children being unsafe on the web and a lack of parental oversight in too many cases, this was the aspect of the event that most captured my attention. Cheers. - Ronnie


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