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Today I spent my day connecting with Friends new and old from Evangelical Friends Southwest Yearly Meeting (EFCSW) churches.

This morning I went to my home church, Pico Rivera Friends (PRFC - where my family has been members for 4 generations and now 5). I sang on praise team with my brothers and sister-in-law, hung out with the youth group and helped them design a new website. I also got to hear more about "Let's Pray Pico Rivera" which is an awesome campaign that a group of pastors in Pico are running (started by PRFC's very own Pastor Hans Bletterman). I am excited to tell the pastors at Sacramento Friends (FCCS - Friends Community Church Sacramento) and Midtown Friends (MFC) all about it!

This evening I went to In Process with my brother Anthony. I had great conversations with Pastor's Tara Healy, Brian Ferguson, and Rick Ellis. My buddy Philip Cox was there and he and Brian razzed me (and my mom via text message). Rick chimed in and said I really got around (meaning I attended a lot of churches, but it definitely got a laugh (and I turned red and put my head down on the table in shame). Tara and I had a great conversation and I enjoyed listening to and joining in on her conversation with Philip and Rick about Summit 2010 and what we all hope for this next year for EFCSW.

I am excited to take this all back home and get ready for EFCSW Annual Conferenceat the end of January. 

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