LenaLoo:Looking at ADD Life Through a Creative Lens
Here is a list of posts about this project because I removed the links (they no longer work).

I got too ADD to complete this lol but I did get quite a few things accomplished so I thought I'd make the sidebar a post and transfer these posts to my main blog before I delete this part of my blog.

  1. Get a deep freezer (Complete)
  2. Clean off back porch 1 box at a time (Complete)
  3. Install cat door, screen in porch, relocate cat box to porch (Complete)
  4. Follow FLYlady missions
  5. Finish FLYlady Control Journal and follow it
  6. Buy at least 3 clothing items in seasonal clearance sale and save for next season (Complete)
  7. Put extra shelves in spare room for pantry storage (Complete)
  8. Get Toby a compact writing desk (one that folds up?) (Complete)
  9. Buy clearance Christmas decorations for next year (Complete)
  10. Do a 27 fling boogie once a week
  11. Stick to my budget on every shopping trip (Ha Ha maybe once)
  12. Move any money to be saved into savings account so it doesn't get spent
  13. Get 8 hours of sleep a night (get to bed by 1 am at the latest) (Again Ha Ha)
  14. Update agenda every night before bed
  15. Follow agenda every day and update on blog
  16. Get pregnant or look into adoption (Complete)
  17. Move into a house
  18. Mistreat my windows
  19. Nest wherever I am (Complete)
  20. Find a new job that works with my personality and schedule (flexible) (In Progress)
  21. Work on using my timer and sticking to it
  22. Find other ways to earn money than a conventional job (In Progress)
  23. Work on being content (In Progress)
  24. Keep inventory of food in freezer and on shelves (Ha Ha)
  25. Continue doing GG and clip and file Q's every Sunday
  26. Only buy what we are going to use (Complete)
  27. Keep track of what we do use so next cycle can be adjusted accordingly
  28. Never buy full price if you can help it! (Complete)
  29. Try 1 new recipe a month
  30. Get artisan breads in 5 mins a day book
  31. Try all of the different recipes in it
  32. Bake and decorate one batch of cupcakes every month in a different way each time (Ha Ha!)
  33. Try OMAC for a full month (Complete, we don't like it, going to stick to slow cooking)
  34. Try one new slow cooker recipe a week
  35. Create a cooking blog, list actual recipes, not just "a little of this, a little of that" (Ha Ha)
  36. Get my camera fixed (Complete)
  37. Take at least 5 photos a week (In Progress)
  38. Scrapbook photos digitally (In Progress)
  39. Make my wedding album (Complete, for the Moms, In Progress for mine))
  40. Make an album for each year Toby and I have been together
  41. Start my Etsy shop (in Progress)
  42. Create a workspace for my crafts (Ha Ha, but all of my stuff is in one closet)
  43. Make one new item a week to sell on Etsy
  44. Make 4 cards a week
  45. Take making own findings class @ U Bead It
  46. Make something new with hand made findings every day after taking class
  47. Be able to digitally scrap a layout and make it a blogger layout (Complete)
  48. Remind Toby about NaNoBloPo and try my hand at it too (Reminded, and he started, but didn't finish, I didn't even try)
  49. Set up a portfolio (In Progress)
  50. Tell my husband I love him in a new way every day
  51. Go OUT on a date once a week (ha ha!)
  52. Blog once a day
  53. Comment on 2 NEW blogs a day
  54. Twitter at least 1 time a day with FLYlady updates
  55. Send one card a week
  56. Call each family member once a week to see how they are doing
  57. Set up Skype (Complete)
  58. Call Monica and Simon via Skype once a week (lol still haven't done it once!)
  59. Start saving money to go to Europe for Simon and Monicas wedding
  60. Set up a "findings" package exchange with family members (different person each month)
  61. Get to know my brother's significant others (Complete)
  62. Go to Disneyland with my whole family (Complete)
  63. Make a phenomenal blog site that links up all my blogs (Complete twice over!)
  64. Buy a domain name (Complete)
  65. Make a new award every month and give them to my fav bloggers
  66. Give out a green fairy award every week
  67. Keep 101 in 1001 blog updated (ha ha)
  68. Make every moment count, no wasted days!
  69. Workout at least 2 times a week for at least 1 hour
  70. Swim at least 1 time per week
  71. Lose 30 pounds: Track exercise and weight loss in Spark People
  72. Learn to track ovulation
  73. Get back on ADD meds (In Progress, getting labs done this week)
  74. Find a therapist who specializes in ADD and is covered by my insurance (went back to my original ADD therapist and she is not covered, but oh well - Complete)
  75. Find a new doctor
  76. Get allergy panel
  77. Get a physical
  78. Get ADD under control to return to work by Feb (of 2011? maybe... In Progress)
  79. Pick up diagnosis from Dr. R (Seeing Dr. R again)
  80. Once on meds, journal about changes
  81. Once meds start stop drinking caffeine
  82. Take meds daily along with other meds and vitamin (Complete minus vitamin)
  83. Work on following a healthy eating plan daily
  84. Keep a food diary using Spark People
  85. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  86. Pray everyday
  87. Keep up with Rob's Bible Study
  88. Start HomeBuilders group
  89. Read one spiritual book a month
  90. Dig into the Bible everyday (at least 2 passages)
  91. Complete FamilyLife app and turn in by Jan 1
  92. Pray with Toby about FamilyLife daily
  93. Read at least 1 article in the newspaper every week
  94. Get Photoshop and learn to use it (Complete, finally!)
  95. Try playing racquetball
  96. Read one novel per month that I have never read before
  97. Read one news or informative article every day
  98. Learn enough HTML to make my blog fantastic (Completeish)
  99. Find out what I need for AA
  100. Find out what I need to transfer
  101. Go back to school and take 1 class at a time

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