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...and I blame you Nanny Goats In Panties! I'm sure I have blogged about this somewhere (Edit: to include link to archive post, forewarning- I think I ate a crap ton of sugar before posting that... It was an ADD day for sure) in the archives, but I'm not sure where at the moment as my label cloud disappeared... Anywho, here are my
Top 10 Reasons I Want a Goat:
  1. I am actually NOT allergic to goats milk (but I am allergic to cow's milk)
  2. I can make goat cheese (which I love!)
  3. I can make greek yogurt (in the crockpot of all places)
  4. I can make goat milk soaps and lotions
  5. I won't ever need a lawn mower
  6. I can make yarn from goat hair (yeah I want an angora goat)
  7. I can do 4H with my kids
  8. There is a bigger return on investment than a dog or cat
  9. I can teach my kids where their food comes from
  10. Goats are awesomely adorable and hilarious! (Hubby doesn't think this is a valid reason)

I also want to have some sheep (a black one and a white one), some chickens, and a victory garden... If I could fathom the thought of eating an animal that I raised, I would go all out and raise a cow and a pig, but I think that would freak me out... I will probably just buy sides of organic beef and pork every year...

I can't agree with you more! We are wanting something to be protective of the house and we don't want a dog... I wonder if our new neighbors will be cool with a goat.


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