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And I am referring to flylady.net for packing tips!
Our move in date is the 7th, but our move out date from our current apartment is not until the 26th... As long as I don't procrastinate, I should have plenty of time to do this right. Have I mentioned that I HATE MOVING? But I am so glad to have a fresh start in a new place. This is my game plan (x = done, s = started):
  • X Establish layout for new house and label rooms by color
  • X Choose paint colors for rooms
  • S Make a "packing supplies" basket so they don't get packed away
  • S Purge and pack up stuff we don't use daily (and mark with coordinating colored markers by location in new house): x books, x stockpile of smelly stuff, x DVD's (not Cohen's!), CD's, any kitchen stuff we don't use daily, plates, glasses, silverware (except for set for 4), knickknacks, art, craft stuff, x Christmas stuff (yeah still haven't put it all away)
  • S Establish my temporary kitchen supplies (1 pot, 1 pan, 1 glass dish, mixing bowl, crock pot, microwave, coffee pot, good knife with cover, measuring cup and spoons,cutting board, spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, tongs, pot holders, dish towel, dish soap and scrubber, salt, seasoned salt, garlic powder, dried onions, parsley, coffee, and sugar, a few storage containers, paper towels, garbage bags)
  • S Make a box of easy to prep food supplies (peanut butter, jelly, tuna, crackers, jar of pickles, mac and cheese, cereal, pasta and jar sauce)
  • X Make a box of cleaning supplies to take to new house (clorox wipes, broom, dustpan, mop, vacuum, paper towels, toilet paper, gloves, scrubbers, windex, pledge, 409, caulk, tilex, screwdrivers, drill, molly brackets, utility knife, hammer, nails, paint brushes,tarps, masking tape, garbage bags, scissors)
  • Set aside clothes, linens, and toiletries we need until we are unpacked (also: laptop, phone chargers, hair dryer and flat iron)
  • S Purge and pack x pantry,  x storage ware, linens, clothes, toys, bathroom supplies
  • Take down shelves and un-mount bookshelves from walls (tape all mounting hardware to the shelves in a plastic baggie!!!)
  • Charge drill
  • X On lease signing day (7th), scrub down house!
  • X Put toilet paper in bathroom and paper towels in each room
  • X Make sure utilities are in our name
  • Have internet hooked up
  • Get estimate on carpet?
  • S Paint
  • Have new carpet installed?
  • Line kitchen, pantry, and bathroom shelves
  • Install child proof locks
  • Move furniture
  • Set up and make beds first!
  • Set up Cohen's changing table and some toys for him
  • Set up TV and DVD player for Cohen
  • Move boxes
  • Pack fridge and freezer food
  • Move freezer
  • Unpack freezer and fridge food
  • Move cat (set up litter box and food dishes on porch)
  • Take cleaning supplies to apartment
  • Deep clean apartment
  • Unpack one room at a time in this order: Porch, Kitchen/Dining room, Laundry room/pantry,Cohen's room, Bathroom, Our Bedroom, Den, Living room (keep a goodwill bin and trash can at hand to further purge)

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