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Oh man getting Google Friend Connect on weebly is a royal pain. Apparently you have to Copy the code but DO NOT include this <!-- Include the Google Friend Connect javascript library. --> Instead replace it with this
<script>window.JSON = {
 parse: function(st){
  return st.evalJSON();
 stringify: function(obj){
  return Object.toJSON(obj);
and paste it in the CUSTOM HTML.
(Courtesy of this weebly site)

Did you see the meta feed on my home page? That little work of art was made possible by pipes.yahoo.com a nifty tool my church pal Harry recommended to me. It looked a little intimidating at first but it was almost as easy as creating my weebly site. I used the union operator to link five blogs into one feed (and since I have more than five blogs on this weebly, cuz I am silly like that, I actually made 5 different union pipes and then ran them all through another union. It took me a bit to figure out but it was actually rather fun in the end. I was almost as excited when it worked as I was today when my son took his first real steps!!!

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