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I bought this lovely Corset today from Damsel in this Dress and I need it to serve two purposes. I am dying to go to a convention and there is one coming up in Reno that my friends Deb and Blake go to and I <3 the idea of being a steam punk fairy! But I also need it for the basis of my Elven Mage costume for Deb and Blake's Middle Earth wedding! I can't draw to save my life, so I used photo shop to conglomerate my hours of searching Etsy and forums for inspiration into two usable idea boards. I linked underneath to give credit where credit is due, none of these beautiful pieces are of my design, but they have inspired me to get to work on my own interpretations for personal use. Can I pull the corset off with both looks? I have no experience with Cos Play other than hours of lurking! So please give me feed back! :)

Steam Punk Fairy

1. Shoes
2. Bag/Reticule (different color way, olive and either black or brown leather depending on shoes)
3. Spats
4. Wingsmade from this tutorial
Combo of 5. Bracer meets 6. Cuff with 7. Vials
8. Mini Top Hat or 9. Fascinator
10. Brown or Black Skirt like this made from this tutorial
11. Garters with flask
or 12. Necklace flask with other cogs added from here (plus other jewelry to be made from cogs, etc.)

Elven Mage

1. Nature Inspired Necklace
2. Kirtle from Simplicity Pattern 4055
3. Circlet, Ear Cuff and Earrings from Etsy
4. Custom potion vessel (In a different colorway than photo)
5. Elven Ears
6. Wand holster
7. Wand
Robe from Simplicity pattern 8. 9887 or 9.5794