LenaLoo:Looking at ADD Life Through a Creative Lens
I've got 'em... That is what Ana White calls the urge to build something. Here's a list (with deadlines!) of things I have the buildies for:
I've built one thing already, a frame for a mosaic we are making at church out of broken thrift items.

Two things I found out from my first (small) build -
  • I need new blades for my Jigsaw
  • I need a nail gun!

I want a big sewing basket and Joann Fabric and Crafts had some great 14" ones before the holidays. I snapped a photo of one I loved but by the time the nana did her Christmas shopping there was only a hot pink, green and teal one left. That is the one I got. I returned it promptly so I wouldn't mess it up and got store credit since all the other big ones were sold out. I have been to two Joann's stores (one in Whittier, and the big one in Buena Park) and I guess I am just going to have to hold onto my store credit and get one when I get back home. The web site isn't even carrying them right now! What's up with this?