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The Drama Queen of the squad, B-SCENE, loves theater, dance, and anything fancy. Though always in fashion, B-SCENE is not afraid of dressing down to play a game of soccer as long as B-NIMBLE is on the field. Your little one can enjoy facing you or the world around them in a reversible and reclining seat.

B-SCENE will be your child’s own personal carriage to elegantly parade them around town and shade them from the sun with the extended canopy and sun shade. Her front third wheel provides improved steering and maneuverability and she has all wheel suspension for the smoothest ride available. Her handle height is adjustable to suit either parent, so she is a great compromise for a tall and short couple.
Every fashonista has to have accessories; B-SCENE comes with a rain shield and infant car seat adaptor that works with many major infant car seat brands. She also has lots of under carriage storage space so you can bring all of your little star’s accessories along with you too.

Read B-SCENE's personal profile at the stroller squad web site!

*Originally written for and published at Goore's Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore's Insider as a part of goores.com staff, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed this item at our store in the show room and asked our trained baby gear experts any questions I had on the item.
<![CDATA[Goore's Insider: Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller]]>Sat, 23 Jul 2011 01:10:47 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/goores-insider-bugaboo-cameleon-strollerPicture
Keeping Cool In Summer Heat with the Bugaboo Cameleon *
Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller has a great sun shade attachment that is the best possible means of protecting your passenger from harmful UV rays while keeping them cool and comfortable. Designed to attach to either the standard frog or cameleon canopy, or the specially designed, ventilated Breezy Sun Canopy, the Sun Shade covers your stroller's entire seat for total protection from insects and the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Also check out these great items for keeping your baby or toddler cool this summer:
Sun Hats
Car, Infant Seat, and Stroller Sun Shades

*Originally written for and published at Goore's Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore's Insider as a part of goores.com staff, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed this item at our store in the show room and asked our trained baby gear experts any questions I had on the item.

<![CDATA[Goore's Insider: First Years Folding Adjustable Booster Seat]]>Fri, 22 Jul 2011 22:04:27 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/goores-insider-first-years-folding-adjustable-booster-seatOriginally written for and published at Goore's Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore's Insider, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed this item at our store in the show room and asked our trained baby gear experts any questions I had on the item.
First Years Adjustable Folding Booster Seat Receives Five Star Rating from Consumer’s Report

You may think that the best, highest rated car seat would be the most expensive, but this is not always so! This lower price point booster is at the top of the charts for Overall Ease of Use by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and just received a Five Star Rating from Consumer’s Report for best performing dedicated high back booster seat. In fact, First Years has more Five Star Ease of Use Ratings than any other manufacturer!

  • Received FIVE STAR EASE OF USE government rating from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Six position adjustable "No Gap" back
  • Color coded belt paths for easier installation
  • Taller belt path accommodates larger children
  • Patented easy one hand fold with built in handle
  • Larger headrest lined with EPP foam
  • Deep side wing protection
  • Side impact tested to international standards
  • Narrow bottom rails for better installation in smaller cars
  • Flip up armrest for easier installation
  • Two flip out cup holders
Your little one will love this “big kid” seat! Best for children ages 3 to 10 (30-100 lbs.), this seat feels more like a bucket seat and less like a baby seat. Graduate your child to this seat and look forward to less struggles getting your kiddo into the car so you can get on your way more quickly! When switching your child over, play up the cool cup holders (“Wow! You get two? One for snacks and one for your cup!”) and that they get to use the real seat belt now! Pair with a couple of awesome travel accessories like the Munchkin Travel Tray, Sunshine Kids Travel Pal, Sunshine Travel Light, and a Sunshine Seat Belt Pillow to create a milestone moment for you and your child!
<![CDATA[Goore's Insider: Orbit Baby]]>Sat, 25 Jun 2011 17:32:26 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/goores-insider-orbit-babyI spent some in store time with this amazing travel system uniquely designed with parents in mind. Check out my review for Goore's Insider Blog!
Orbit Baby: Not Just Another Stroller Travel System

If you are like me, you had a million well meaning people giving you conflicting advice about the newest and best baby gear, and all of them feel their way is the only way! “Baby should face you in their stroller!” “No! Baby should get to see the world!” With the Orbit Baby G2 System, you can appease the masses and do it your own way (depending on baby’s mood of course) all at the same time! With its state of the art ergonomic design and easily interchangeable seating options and accessories, you will never want for a different stroller or car seat.

This company has seriously thought of everything! Basically, you have one stroller base and a car seat base (or bases if you have more than one car) and the infant seat, bassinet/pram, stroller seat, toddler seat all fit on the same bases! There is even a cradle base to rock your little one away to sleep in, which means you will have less "wake the baby, it is time to go" moments. Baby can forward face or rear face, sit up or recline in the stroller seat. Toddler is snoozing away in their car seat? No worries! Snap the whole seat on instead of the stroller seat! There are also many accessory options that help make traveling a snap and you would not believe how compactly the frame and stroller attachment folds up to be! Check out this other blog post about easy air travel with the Orbit Baby system.

Ever hear the saying, “you get what you pay for”? With Orbit Baby, their unique design is not the only thing you are paying for. They only use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and foams that also adhere to the strictest guidelines and standards chemical safety and flame retardancy. The goal in creating Orbit Baby was to make greener and safer baby gear. They have succeeded in providing peace of mind with the orbitgreen™: eco-certified program.

For those of us “matchy matchy” moms (yup, all my kiddos stuff is Lime Green) Orbit Baby just introduced Color Packs! Interchangeable upholstery for the G2 stroller seat to suit your mood! We will have them in the showroom for you to see soon!
Check out all the awesome options offered by Orbit Baby here at Goore’s:
Travel System Starter Kit (Includes Stroller Frame, Infant Seat, and Car Base – Everything you need to start)
- Toddler Car seat (works with same stroller and car seat base)
- Stroller System (Seat and Frame) or Stroller Seat (without frame for those who already have starter travel system)
- SideKick Skate Board attachments (for older walking children to hitch a ride on)
- First PVC free rain shields for car seat and strollers

Originally written for and published at Goore's Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore's Insider, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed this item at our store in the show room and asked our trained baby gear experts any questions I had on the item.
<![CDATA[Goore's Insider: Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier]]>Sat, 25 Jun 2011 17:28:35 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/goores-insider-baby-bjorn-comfort-carrierCheck out my review on this innovative baby carrier made for bigger children @ Goore's Insider Blog!
There is nothing like trying to get house work done while a crying little one wants to be held! The Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier helps you get what you need to done while baby is comfortably held, hands-free, and close to your body. 

Baby Bjorn is one of the top names in baby wearing and has been for years. The new Comfort Carrier was made especially for those with ergonomic needs but is wonderful for anyone with and older baby. The Comfort Carrier is made from mostly 100% organically grown cotton and made with older, heavier babies in mind (three months to two years within 13-31 lbs). The textiles closest to baby are Oeko-Tex approved and comply with GOTS organic standards, which means they have been through rigorous testing to ensure they are the most safe for baby. Developed in collaboration with physicians, the Comfort Carrier features a padded waist band that helps distribute weight to your hips rather than your back, resulting in less back pain frequently associated with baby wearing. It also has easy to adjust shoulder straps for a custom fit. Baby can be worn in front of you forward facing (up to 26 lbs) or facing you. It also has adjustable leg positions from normal to wide. The Comfort Carrier is simple to put on or take off on your own and is machine washable.
Originally written for and published at Goore's Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore's Insider, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed this item at our store in the show room and asked our trained baby basics experts any questions I had on the item.

Added: I <3 Dad Labs (I watch them on Swag Videos to earn SwagBucks) Here they are demoing this product.
<![CDATA[Dark Flower Bead Art on Etsy]]>Sun, 03 Apr 2011 04:45:17 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/dark-flower-bead-art-on-etsySo as you know, I have been picking up bits and pieces of my outfits for Deb and Blake's Middle Earth themed wedding, as well as for a fantasy convention (my very first con!) that we are all going to in Reno this August. You can see my idea boards for both outfits here. I have been browsing Etsy for inspiration, and one of the things I really felt I needed was a potion vessel of sorts. I found many, but I decided I really loved the designs that Cara had in her Dark Flower Bead Art Etsy shop.
She had a vessel called "Galadriel's Light" (lavender and periwinkle vessel on the right) that I had to have to give Deb as a wedding gift. There were one or two other vessels I liked, but none of them screamed "Green Fairy" to me, so I convo'd her to request a custom. Cara was absolutely fabulous. She answered my query quickly asking me a few questions of her own and within the week had two beautiful pieces for me to choose from! I honestly wanted to buy them both, but the one I picked was this one.
It is just perfect! She really got me and captured the essence of my Green Fairy! She even wove in a bit of fairy magic for me! I purchased two vessels and she gave me free shipping and included a little something extra just for my wee fae (seen below)! I don't think I have ever received such personalized and excellent customer service from Etsy! Cara also offered me and my readers a special 10% discount on anything in her shop using the code: "greenfairy" She also makes beautiful pendants and lamp work family beads that fit on popular Pandora charm bracelets. Check out her store for a little something special to satisfy the fairy within you!
<![CDATA[Liquid Keratin Anti Frizz Hair Treatment]]>Tue, 11 Jan 2011 02:02:23 GMThttp://lenaloo.weebly.com/reviews/liquid-keratin-anti-frizz-hair-treatment*This review is not in any way sponsored by Liquid Keratin Inc, I did not receive any compensation or products for this review. I purchased the treatment myself.

So I really wanted to get a Brazilian Blowout at a salon, but after going to do a free consultaion at ARTIKA in Whittier, I decided really don't have the cashoola to drop $300 on the treatment, tip, and the after care shampoo and conditioners! I did some research when I got home to curb my disappointment (dude I was really looking forward to having sleek, shiny, wash and wear ready hair) and found a product called Liquid Keratin (about $70 at Ulta for a 30 day supply of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and the actual treatment). It got great reviews. I bought it and took it home to my sister-in-law, Amy, who went to cosmetology school and asked her for help applying it.
You need the kit as well as:
A flat iron that goes up to at least 410 degrees (sorry, but a CHI only goes up to 200 something)
A comb (preferably a rat tail comb with a point on one end)
Clips and rubber bands to section off hair
A paddle brush
A hair dryer
A round bristle brush (not necessary but helpful)
A towel (or two, one to wrap around your shoulders and the other to put on the floor so you don't grease it)
A friend who is good with a flat iron
2-3 hours

Wash hair with the shampoo that came in the kit (DO NOT condition or deep condition), towel dry it, and spray all of your hair with the treatment (have a friend help you if you have longer hair like me). You basically have to soak it with the treatment (my hair is a little longer than shoulder length and I used half the bottle). Comb it through thoroughly with the comb and paddle brush. Keep the towel around you and sit for a half an hour letting the stuff soak in. Then blow dry it with the round brush (or paddle brush if you prefer/don't have round brush). Once it is dry (it will still feel oily, but as long as it is dry you are good). Section off hair and clip up. Comb each section before straightening so you don't heat set the knots. Flat iron small sections of hair at a time. Pay special attention to the top layer. The more time you take with this, the better your hair will look in the long run. Leave the treatment in for 48 hours. Do not wash your hair. Your hair will be oily for 48 hours, until you wash out the treatment. Feel free to flat iron/blow dry it again to make it manageable, but again, DO NOT WASH IT, before 48 hours has passed. Also, try not to put it in a ponytail or in any clips that will leave a dent in it. When 48 hours has passed, wash hair with the shampoo that came in the kit, rinse, condition, rinse, towel dry, and then spray in the deep leave in conditioner. Blow dry with round brush (or paddle brush) and be amazed at how soft and silky and princess like your hair is! Touch up with a flat iron (I took a 5/8" tiny flat iron and went over my little wispy hairs). It will only take about 5 minutes! For best results use the shampoo and conditioner that came in the kit and only wash every 2-3 days or so. If you run out, you can use Loreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, available atTarget. Ulta also carries a dry shampoo and conditioner for in between days. Apparently you can wear it curly or straight. I got up today and just brushed my hair and it looks as good as yesterday! Here is a pic of it after a whole night at Disneyland! I love my new smooth hair!

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